White-Glove Website Installation Services

Get your entire website installed FAST without any tech frustration or hassle so you can rest easy knowing everything is done and set up properly.

Installation DETAILS

Get your hosting and website up & running properly and ready to add your unique customizations.

How It Works

Step 1

Purchase Your Package

Complete the secure check-out process with a credit or debit card.

Step 2

Complete the Intake Form

After your purchase, you’ll receive an email with a link to complete an intake form where you’ll fill out all the info I need to get started.

Step 3

Website & Tutorial Delivered

Your website details will be delivered with a customized tutorial of the back-end, publishing, and editing of your new site!

Frequently asked questions

You will need a hosting provider and a domain address.  I highly recommend SiteGround for both.  You will also need the free Hello Theme and Elementor Pro. (the templates will not work with another theme or the free Elementor).

You will need to add or provide your own images, posts, and copy as well.  

The kits come with a template for a Privacy Policy page (and sometimes a Disclaimer page).  You will need to edit these for your business specifics.  You can create free Privacy Policy and Disclaimer copy on wonder.legal or termly.io. 

The kits are designed through Elementor Pro.  The Hello Theme is basically an empty theme that allows Elementor Pro to take over the styling of your site.  If you try to use another theme, it will conflict with the designs created for the kits within Elementor Pro.

Yes!  Each kit has a newsletter opt-in section and Elementor Pro will collect any submissions to your newsletter. 

You can also integrate your Email Service Provider if you want to send your submissions there instead.  I use and highly recommend MailerLite as an Email Service Provider, however you don’t need this to start collecting emails now. 

You can also easily change the newsletter opt-ins to freebie opt-ins when and if you decide to offer a freebie.

The Basic Installation package does not include setting up external links, but the VIP package does.  If you purchase a VIP Installation package, I will integrate the newsletter opt-in forms with your ESP.

The installation service packages do not include changes to the overall layout and design of the website.  You can fill out a form to request to work with me on a custom website HERE.

These kits can not be distributed or sold by anyone other than me.  If you know someone that could use these kits, please share the link to this page so they can download them directly from me: https://www.stephaniewrona.com/templates

Once you purchase an Installation Package, you will be redirected to a confirmation page with a link to complete an Intake Form.  (You’ll also receive an email with your receipt and a link to the same Intake Form). 

Once I receive the Intake Form, I will reach out if there’s anything else I need otherwise I will get started on your install! 

Your website and customized tutorial will be delivered in less than a week.

The Installation Services are not refundable.  If you are unhappy with the installation service for any reason, I will work with you to make it right.

If you sign up for an installation package, you will receive 30-Days of direct website and tech support from me. 

At this time I am not offering these types of services.

First, they are simple.  Which means you will be able to easily update & customize them.  Other themes tend to be design-heavy and difficult to work with.  Their simplicity also provides a great user experience.  Second, these kits are strategically designed to drive results.  Other templates tend to look good, but don’t provide the same functionality and performance results.  Third, they come with everything you need and nothing you don’t.  When you purchase other themes, they often come with several different options for page layouts, post designs, and a ton of large images.  All those options might seem nice at first, but they add a lot of unnecessary media and files to your website.  This can leave your site bloated and slow if you don’t know how to clean it up properly.  Too many choices can also leave you spinning your wheels instead of getting your website up & running quickly!

In my experience with coaching clients, I have learned that almost all online business owners struggle with their website.  Either it’s never done or they have a ton of tech issues or they just don’t know what to put on them or where to put it.  Even though I believe a website is a crucial part of any business today, it shouldn’t be taking up all of your time and energy.  Websites can also be a big financial investment, which holds many entrepreneurs back from even getting started.   Or you can sink a lot of money into a website that isn’t that good or requires a support team to manage it.  I am fully committed to helping aspiring online entrepreneurs become successful, so these kits are my way of removing the website obstacles so you can move on and invest your time, energy, and finances into other areas that will grow your business.