The Ultimate Guide to Packaging & Pricing Your Coaching Services | 5 Key Steps


This guide will walk you through the 5 key steps to package and price your coaching services so they easily sell & how you can even scale and grow your profitable business around your program.

Selling coaching can be difficult if you do not package and price your services into an offer that your ideal clients actually want to buy. 

One of the best ways to set yourself up for a profitable and successful coaching business is to create more robust & valuable programs instead of hourly sessions or even packages.

Hourly coaching sessions are just not great for building a sustainable coaching business.  They can be a great way to offer your services when you are new, but you’ll want to move onto more profitable offers quickly.

A package can be as simple as a specific amount of coaching sessions that can be used over a set timeframe. For example, a 90-day coaching package with 12 individual, one-hour sessions.

1: Solve a Big Problem or Achieve a Big Goal

The secret to creating a coaching program that sells is to focus on helping your clients solve a specific and urgent problem or achieve an important goal.

Your services are instantly more valuable when they are centered around very distinct results. 

If you have a clear niche, then you already know what specific and urgent problems or goals you help others with.

The beauty of your coaching program is that you can also address the sub-problems that your clients are facing because of their main problem.

Here’s an example:

  • Sally is a life coach who helps divorced women over 40 to recover and find love again.
  • She has a 6-month coaching program that helps her clients achieve their #1 goal. 
  • Within her program, she also helps them learn how to be comfortable being single, how to manage her finances & career so she’s confident and secure on her own, how to get out and meet new people, how to find hobbies and things she’s interested in doing, how to practice self-care, and more.

You can see that a coaching program really dives into all the smaller problems & obstacles that are holding your clients back from achieving their main goals.

When you can spell out exactly how much you help them with inside a complete program, your clients will then be able to fully understand the value of your services.

2: Have a Unique Approach or Perspective

For most life coaches, you will be helping your clients transform an area of their life that you have also transformed.  The way you created your own transformation is what sets you apart.

You want your coaching program to be unique to you.  You can really dig deep and get into all the details, big & small, that led you to the positive results in your life.

You may have uncovered an unconventional approach towards the problem or have figured out a better way to achieve a big goal.  Or maybe you just have a different and fresh perspective.

Your clients want to know that you understand exactly where they are & that you know exactly how to help them because you’ve achieved what they want and/or you’ve specialized & learned how to help others achieve this specific result.

In the previous example, Sally found herself unexpectedly divorced in her 40’s. She successfully rebuilt her life first, and then met & married the man of her dreams.

She knows the unique personal challenges women in their 40’s face when they are divorced and exactly how this is impacting the other areas of their life too.

Sally can relate & connect to her clients on a deeper level and is equipped to guide them through their specific challenges because she’s been in their shoes and her ideal clients trust her and choose to work with her because of this.

3: Have a Specific Timeline and Process

As a coach, you are the expert.  This means that your clients will look to you to determine the most ideal timeframe needed to achieve the goal or solve the problem. 

Creating a step-by-step process within your coaching program helps you and your clients to follow a clear path from start to finish.

Once you have a clear process, you can also more easily determine the ideal timeframe.

If you haven’t worked with any clients yet, you’ll want to work with several clients in a “beta test”  (or even for free) to help you determine the specific steps and length of time for your coaching program.

Your processes or systems should, once again, be unique to you!  This can be as simple as saying “My Specific 4-Step Process” or you can even give it a more clever name like “My 4 Tiers of Total Transformation.” 🙂

You also want to be clear on exactly why your system is different.

In Sally’s case, she focuses on helping her clients rebuild their relationship with themselves first before helping them find a new partner.

She knows that the true secret to her own success in rebuilding her life, was working on herself…and she walks her clients through exactly how to do this in their lives too.

4: Choose Your Offer Type and Your Pricing

In general, the more individual time your clients get from you the higher you can price your coaching program. 

It can be tempting to try and offer a lower-priced group program right away, but group programs are actually harder to fill when you don’t have a large enough audience or email list.

When you are a newer coach, it can be easier to offer your program as a private 1-1 coaching option because you can price it higher and you’ll need fewer people to fill it.

The right price for your specific coaching program will be unique to you 🙂  Sorry there is no special coaching pricing guide that can tell you exactly what number to charge!

But there are a few keys to consider to set yourself up for success:

1.How valuable is the goal or the solution to your clients?  Is this going to save them money or make them money? Or how will their lives change afterward?  Have they wasted money on trying to take shortcuts with this before? What’s the deeper WHY for your clients to solve this?


2. What price do you think is a “no-brainer”?  What price do you feel 100% comfortable offering your program at right now?  You need to be able to actually make offers and sell your program – so make sure you really believe you are offering an amazing value to your clients.  Your starting price does not have to be the final price…as you get more confident and improve in your delivery of the program, you can raise your prices to a more ideal number for you.


3. Consider offering different tiers & price options.  You’ll want to really know your ideal client on this one.  Some people really like having options and some people don’t. They might feel more empowered in their decision if they can choose what they think is best for them vs. having you just tell them.

You can easily create tiers by offering a minimum timeframe, an ideal timeframe, and the highest level of support timeframe.

For example, you may offer a minimum 2-month program, an ideal 4-month program or a “VIP” option for 6-months.  As they move up in tiers, they get a discount as an incentive – 2 months for $500, 4 months for $1800, and 6-months for $2700.

If you only offer one length of time, you can offer an incentive for your clients to pay in full.  For example, a 4-month program for $2000 paid in full or $550 per month ($2200 total investment).

Check out this quick video for a deeper look into pricing that actually sells:

5: Break Your Program Up Into Multiple Offers

Once your coaching program is selling and getting your client’s results, you can easily expand and scale into additional offers.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to your offer – you already know your program works so now it’s time to simply get it out to more people.

You can keep your program exactly as it is but turn it into a group program. 

You can still offer your support by doing things like hosting a weekly group coaching call, a live chat, or a group forum for posting questions so your clients are getting the guidance they need to succeed. 

Your clients will walk themselves through the steps & material within your program on their own otherwise.

You can also turn your program into a digital course. This can be the most cost-effective way for someone to work with you so it’s a great way to serve those clients who don’t have the finances to work with you in your private coaching or even in your group programs.

Another option for expanding your business is to create a mastermind, retreat, or event. 

This is a great way for your clients to continue working with you when their private or group programs are complete and when you have a larger client base established.

And yet another option is to break up your main coaching program into smaller programs.

For example, in Sally’s case, she could offer an 8-week program for her clients who just want to focus on rebuilding their own life but aren’t interested in dating again anytime soon.

Or she could create another offer just for those women who are ready to date again but aren’t looking for help rebuilding their lives.

Sometimes your audience will not need your entire coaching program, so these smaller offers are a great way to serve more people who still want to work with you and to bring in additional revenue!

To Wrap up...

These are the 5 Steps to Package & Price Your Coaching Services So They Easily Sell:

While these steps will definitely help you to create a successful & profitable coaching business, you can always get creative with your offers too. 

This is your unique business and if you decide to create an offer that is outside-of-the-box or different than anything else out there – go for it! 

Use this as a guide, but don’t be afraid to do things a little differently if there’s something that works better for you and your clients too 🙂

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