Nail your niche, Create a Great Offer, and
Get Booked with Clients In 90-Days.

The Entrepreneur Launchpad

A 1:1 mentorship & coaching program for new coaches, consultants, and service providers who are ready to launch a successful online business and start booking clients ASAP.

Thanks to my work with Stephanie I have now a fully functioning online business with a blog, email funnel and a marketing strategy in place. I got my first clients just days after launching and can see a clear direction of growth and expansion. If you are truly committed to create and grow your online business, with ALL the necessary components and learn and apply the best strategies to succeed online, sign up to work with Stephanie Wrona! You will receive the best business coaching experience, with real results, and will be equipped with everything you need to be a winner! I recommend Stephanie 100%!!

Angelika M.

Inner Growth Astrology

What would change for you if you knew exactly what to do to get clients?

It’s easy to get lost in all the noise and confusion online.  

It seems like everyone is trying to tell you their “magic formula” for overnight success.

But you don’t need anything fancy or complicated to finally hit even your biggest income and lifestyle goals! 

The truth is, if you really want to create a successful business right now here’s what you DON’T need to do:

Let’s be honest – you’ve probably tried most of the things on this list…

But the truth is, you’re just spinning your wheels and wasting your time & money.

Without the right niche you can’t create a great offer, your messaging won’t stand out, your business won’t grow, and you won’t make enough money.

If you try to build your business before figuring out exactly WHO you help and HOW you help them…you’ll only set yourself up for frustration & failure. 

When you focus on ONE core offer for ONE clear niche…your messaging, content, and sales all come together effortlessly and clients start lining up to work with you!

Welcome to

The Entrepreneur Launchpad

An 90 day 1:1 mentorship program for coaches, consultants, and service providers who are ready to finally nail their niche and start booking clients.

I walk you through the entire process as we create and fill your most profitable offer together.  

Even if you have no idea what your niche could be or how to turn your skills into a valuable offer – as long as you are committed to providing excellent services to your clients, you can do this!

Is this right for you?

Here's What You'll Learn:

The Entrepreneur Launchpad is NOT another course or group program with hours of videos and workbooks to sift through and figure out on your own.

It’s the right choice for you if you want an experienced mentor to coach & guide you through the entire process of launching a professional, service-based business online, getting new clients, and living your entrepreneurial dream ASAP.

Meet Stephanie...

When I first started my business, I was drowning in a ton of unnecessary marketing tools and programs.  Even though I had nearly 2 decades of real-world business experience, I thought I needed to listen to all the gurus who were teaching the latest marketing hacks.

Instead of focusing on delivering what my niche really wanted, I wasted so much time trying to grow an online following, build a massive email list, and turn everything I could into a digital product or course!

I then heard one of my mentors say, “You will need every advertising gimmick and trick in the book to sell a mediocre product, but a truly great product will sell itself” and I instantly knew I was focusing on all the wrong things.

Once I refocused and created the best offer for my specific niche, I skyrocketed my results…and I didn’t need any crazy hacks or sales tricks to get there.  

It sounds so simple and yet it’s the reason I see so many others struggle like I did.  Once you find the exact right niche and create an amazing offer just for them, your business can literally take off overnight

Before working with Stephanie I didn't have a website or a clear niche. I was also not "techie" so when I saw Stephanie's YouTube videos I felt like she was speaking directly to me! I have been a part of many coaching programs in the past but often my needs were not fully met. Stephanie actually gives you a complete system and doesn't leave important things out. She actually cares about your success and makes sure that you understand everything. Not only that but she works with you to make your vision come to life and not just a cookie cutter one-size-fits-all approach. To anyone sitting on the fence and especially to those who have felt ripped off by other coaching programs, this is the real deal! This is coming from someone who has worked with coaches for over 10 years. The difference between most programs and Stephanie is that she will never leave you stranded. Most coaches overpromise and underdeliver. Stephanie delivers 10x so you can't go wrong. The value is mind-blowing!

Milena G.

Social Media Marketing

We Do This in 3 Simple steps:

The Right Niche + Right Offer

You'll learn exactly what you must do to create a highly valuable offer that has ideal clients knocking down your door to work with you.

Simple + Efficient Business Systems

Get set up with the right systems to run your business like a true professional, but don't get weighed done with things you don't need.

Organic Marketing Strategies

Discover the secret to online success with powerful organic content that easily converts your people into paying clients.

Here's what's included...

Before working with Stephanie I had all of the basic foundations to start my business, such as the website, my niche, and an idea of how I wanted my program to look but I had no clients. I feared that I could not work full-time and run my business. My proudest moment was booking two discovery calls, and booking my first client. It was at that moment I felt like a real coach. I have a growing email list and shared content on different search engines and social media sites. I am also recognized by my friends as a coach which feels great. And I do this all while working full time. Stephanie is truly invested in helping you to be the entrepreneur you are designed to be. Every client victory she celebrates no matter how big or small it may seem. What she markets is exactly what she does as a coach. I enjoyed my time with Stephanie so much, that I would without hesitation sign up to work with her again!

Bianca E.

Business Coach

Ready to Start Booking clients ASAP?

The investment in The Entrepreneur Launchpad is $5000 USD. 

Enrollment is by application for serious entrepreneurs only.  

You must be ready to commit for the next 90 days and ready to start working with paying clients ASAP.

There are very limited spots each month!

Once you submit your application, I will review it and reach out via email with next steps within 24 hours.

My Guarantee To You:

I am completely confident that you will be successful in The Entrepreneur Launchpad, however if you do not sign a client during the 90 days – I will keep working with you until you do.

You'll Also Get These bonuses:

Your Website Done-For-You

An entire WordPress website will be set up for you: Home, About, Work With Me, Contact, Offer Sales Page, Privacy Policy and Blog pages. We'll work together to finalize the look & feel so it matches your unique brand vision.

Email Marketing Done-For-You

First, we'll plan the absolute best free offer for your target niche & audience. Then a simple automation will be set up for you inside your free MailerLite account so you can start growing your email list right away.

Client Systems Done-For-You

Everything you need for a streamlined and professional client enrollment. Your offer proposal, contract, e-signatures, invoices, onboarding emails, and client tracking will all be setup inside your new Honeybook account.

I’ve taken all of the tech and website stress off of your shoulders. You will not only have a beautiful & strategic website, but all of your email, marketing, and client systems will be done for you too – you won’t find this anywhere else!!!

The truth is, there can be a huge tech learning curve when you first start a business…  

It can easily take you years just to figure out all the systems and tools you need to use.  

In The Entrepreneur Launchpad, you’ll get all of your necessary systems set up the right way and you’ll be trained on how to use them.

When you have professional and streamlined systems in place, you’ll have the confidence you need to command higher prices and attract your most ideal clients.

You'll show up as a professional from day one!

Here's where you can be 90 Days From Now:

Ready to finally have a profitable business?

In The Entrepreneur Launchpad, you’ll learn how to focus on the most important parts of your business: your niche, your offer, and your content.

By honing in on these critical pieces, you will simplify your business and get immediate results!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  This process will take you from total beginner to full business owner.  We will cover everything you need.

Because I teach you how to FOCUS.  To be a successful entrepreneur you need to be disciplined enough to focus on what will get you results and cut out anything that doesn’t. 

Once you focus on defining your most profitable niche and creating the best, most valuable offer for that niche and then communicating effectively online…results can happen really quickly!

(Plus, you get all your tech & website systems taken care of…which eliminates months or years of trying to figure it all out on your own.)

Yes! I teach you how to create a free offer that easily converts your leads into clients. You will be able to effectively sell without ever feeling like a used car salesman!  

Discovery calls can be fun & enjoyable by learning a few simple keys so you never have to memorize or follow a fake script either!

You will need a hosting provider and a domain address for your website.  I recommend SiteGround and the total for both should be about $80 USD.

For the 7-page website build, you will need an Elementor Pro annual license for $49 USD.

I also highly recommend professional headshots for your website.  I have seen packages range from $75 – $500 depending on the type and level of service.  

For your client onboarding contracts, invoices, and booking calendar you will need a Honeybook account at $9/month. (Get 20% off HERE)

Everything else we use will be free!

You will need a hosting provider and a domain address.  I recommend SiteGround for both.  You will also need an Elementor Pro. license.  The total for hosting, a domain, and elementor should be around $130 USD.

I also highly recommend professional headshots for your website.  I have seen packages range from $75 – $500 depending on the type and level of service.  

For your client onboarding contracts, invoices, and booking calendar you will need a Honeybook account at $9/month. (Get 20% off HERE)

I do not provide custom logos, however we can create a simple signature logo in the font of your choice.  If you want a custom logo, you can check out Fiverr, Upwork, or 99 Designs.

Your website will be built using one of my strategically designed template kits.  The template kits will be customized to match the look and feel of your business, but it will not be a fully custom website.

Everyone is a little different, but I suggest between 10-15 hours each week.

You probably have more to offer than you think!  If you really want to find out, fill out the application form and I’ll let you know if I think you’re ready to start.

You do not need a certification to become a coach but it can definitely help you build trust and teach you processes to use with your clients.

If you are not certified or trained in coaching, you may want to become more of a consultant, specialist, or educator instead.

In The Entrepreneur Launchpad, we analyze all of your skills and experience and find the best options for you!

Yes – if you want to offer any kind of client service, this will work for you.  This includes coaches, consultants, freelancers, photographers, web designers, online educators, and more!

If you want to start a physical product business, then this is not the right program for you.

No, this is only for service-based businesses.

Yes, if you aren’t signing clients and making money in your business yet we will need to optimize and refine all of your business systems – including your website.  

Yes, we can discuss payment plan options if that is something that works better for you.


Send me an email at: steph(at)stephaniewrona(dot)com and we’ll discuss your options.

What Clients are Saying...

I just received an email and I got my 4th client signed for a 3-month program🔥😊 I wouldn’t be able to have any client for this high-ticket program, I wouldn’t even have a program, if it wasn’t for you! I have new people signed for calls every day for the next two weeks. It seems I underrated the possible interest people might have. And I haven't even sent information to my email list! Thank you for all of your guidance, Stephanie 🙌🏻

Ewelina M.

Business Coach

You have no idea how everything you did for me has changed my life. You will always be part of my story of how I evolved into Coach Ama. Good news is I was chosen to be a subcontractor for emotional health coaches. I now have a steady flow of clients coming in monthly so i have the peace of mind of hitting my targets. I believe this is all possible because you believed in my dream. Thanks a lot Stephanie.

Ama B.

Life Balance Coach

My experience working with Stephanie has been invaluable. I learned so much about brand messaging, creating content, business systems and more... But most important, I learned a lot about MYSELF! I had to push through a lot of fear and feelings of not being able to keep up with all the tech work but because of her confidence in what she knows and guidance I was able to accomplish so much! After working with Stephanie, I now have a beautiful website, a paying client and have published videos on Youtube. Stephanie went above and beyond to make sure she answered all of my questions in a way that I could understand. I am someone who has no tech background at all and she was patient with me and believed I could do it. Her knowledge and expertise in website building and business strategy is so impressive. Investing your time and money to work with Stephanie is a choice you will not regret!!

Shena M.

Life Coach & Speaker

I was so overwhelmed and unclear on my niche or target market. I was continually lost and downloading every freebie I could get my hands on in the hope that they would have the answer I needed, only to be even more confused. Stephanie's ability with technical issues is amazing! She helped me through several issues where I was stuck and unable to move forward. Stephanie's coaching skills have a way of drawing out the true desires of your heart. She helped me to get rid of the confusion and see exactly what I was meant to do. Her step-by-step process gave me confidence that I was finally headed in the right direction all the way. If you are wanting to get rid of the overwhelm and truly simplify the process of starting your business, then I wouldn't hesitate to call Stephanie Wrona.

Karen S.

Brand Strategy & Web Design

Before working with Stephania I had no idea what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted a business, and I knew I wanted to help people. I saved myself so much time and frustration by working with Stephanie. I now have so much more clarity on what my brand is. Stephanie takes the time to understand her clients. She takes the time to learn and understand your vision. I was all over the place and now I've got a niche, my content is consistent and specific, and my audience knows why they are subscribing to my brand. Stephanie is so knowledgeable and adaptable. I would honestly pay her just to talk. She outdoes herself as a coach. Every moment was filled with so much value. Stephanie is an amazing person and I feel so honored for the opportunity. So happy I came across her content and had the opportunity to work with her.

Kieran D.

Life Coach

Stephanie broke down the technical overwhelm in a way that was simple, effective for my current workload, and kept my overhead at a reasonable rate. I have a workflow that makes sense to me and released me from needing a more expensive string of tools that I didn't know how to use or having to hire assistants to manage it all. I loved my calls with Stephanie. A little friendly conversation and a lot of getting stuff done. Our calls were constructive and I always knew what I needed to be doing for the following week between our calls. She doesn't just teach during the call, she actually helps you implement what you need. I always looked forward to the time on the phone!

Deanna C.

Success Coach