Is Elementor Pro Worth It? (An honest review for online business owners)


Are you trying to decide if Elementor Pro is worth it in your online business?  

When you are building an online business, you can very quickly get wrapped up in a ton of different monthly subscriptions and tools.  

It can be overwhelming when you are trying to figure out what you really need and what you don’t need just to run your business.

In my second year of business, I found myself drowning in a ton of expensive and unnecessary tools so I know exactly how this feels!  

I stripped my business down to the essentials and have helped many of my clients do the same.  Running a simple but profitable business is important to me and Elementor Pro has absolutely helped me to do that.  

In this article, I walk you through all the things to consider before going with Elementor Pro.  If you want to make sure you are investing in the right tools for your online business, then keep reading to see if it’s worth it for you as well!

I know pricing is a big factor in making your decision and Elementor Pro keeps this really simple – it’s $49/year for one website license.  

If you want more than one license, then you have multiple options to choose from based on your needs.  The next pricing tier is 3 websites for $99/year.   

In my opinion, you get so much more value than what you are paying for.  This is a small investment to make for all the flexibility and functionality Elementor Pro gives you.  

It’s really a no-brainer.

>>Here is their current pricing page for more details.<<

You can do most of your design functions with the Free version.  Basically, you can design a very simple page or website with the Free Elementor.  

But if you want to expand into multiple pages, build an email list, drive more conversions, sell products, or create a blog then you will definitely want to invest in the Pro version.  

You can technically still try to do all those things with the free version, but you will be stringing together a bunch of other free plugins and tools to make it happen.  

You will end up with a bloated website that runs slower which is definitely not good for Google.  And you will run into more technical issues that take up a ton of your time because of all the different parts and pieces you’re trying to make work together.  

I would only recommend the free version if you wanted to do a VERY simple website, like a single-page website, just to get your business off the ground.  

As soon as you are ready to start driving traffic and collecting leads, you will need Elementor Pro.  

To help make this clearer, I think it’s helpful to know what you CAN’T do with the free version so you get a better idea of what limitations you have when you don’t go with Pro and what other plugins or tools you would need to replace it.

Things you CAN’T do with the Free version that you CAN with Pro:

  • No forms (this means no contact pages, landing pages, login forms, or email optins)
  • No pop-up forms (again for email optins or anything else you want to promote)
  • No countdowns (to drive more conversions on your landing pages)
  • No custom fonts (for branding & customization)
  • No navigation menu widget (build your own or get another plugin)
  • No Posts widget (to display your blog posts dynamically)
  • No motion or parallax design features 
  • No social share widget (to share posts and pages on social media)
  • No WooCommerce Widgets (for selling physical and digital products)
  • No Theme Builder Tools & Templates (for consistent headers, footers, blog posts, and SO MUCH MORE…this feature increases your website functionality by about 1000%)

This is not a full list, but this covers some of the most important things that you want to consider if you decide not to go with Elementor Pro. 

There are 3 things I look for in a page builder:  user-friendly, lightweight (for a faster website), and pricing.  

Elementor Pro and Divi are two of the most popular page builders options and you will find a lot of debates between people who prefer Divi and people who prefer Elementor.  

However, the technical differences between Divi and Elementor are negligible.  There are no glaringly obvious reasons to go with one over the other.  

So for me, it comes down to user preferences.  

With Divi, it’s just not user-friendly in my opinion.  You can edit in the front or the back end which I find confusing or not useful for the typical online business owner.  

Most people want to edit in the front-end, aka directly on the page, and Divi has a hover feature on their front-end editor that I find really annoying & difficult! 

There is a lot going on on the page when you are editing inside Divi and I prefer the cleaner look and feel of Elementor.  

When I have worked on client sites with Divi, I did not find the user interface intuitive at all and I found myself spending a lot of time trying to do simple things like styling a column.  

Both Divi and Elementor will add some bloat to your website as a trade-off for their functionality.  But you can fix this with simple speed optimizations like using smaller JPEG images and plugins like WP Rocket (paid) or SG Optimizer (free with SiteGround hosting).  

Divi pricing is very good if you want to use it on multiple websites…and I suspect this is why a lot of web designers have used it!  It’s $89/year for unlimited websites or a one-time fee of $249/year for lifetime access and unlimited websites.  

This is great if you need it for more than one site, but for most online business owners you only need one site.  The lifetime access is tempting, but if you don’t like the way Divi works, then it loses its appeal quickly!  

So for a single site, the $49/year for Elementor Pro is still a great value.  

I really like the idea behind Thrive Architect and I really like the tutorials their team creates.  But I do not like using their tools.  

The Thrive team is really focused on helping their users drive conversions.  So they have a wide variety of tools to help you market your business better.  But that’s also sort of the problem.  

To take full advantage of the Thrive Architect page builder, you really need to get their full Thrive Suite.  This will cost $19/mo or $228 paid annually and you get 9 total Thrive tools to use on up to 25 sites.  

This already makes things more complicated and more expensive but their user interface is not great either.  

They install their own dashboard in the back-end of WordPress to access all your tools and reports and in my experience, it’s clunky and buggy.  And their page builder is not intuitive – it’s overly complicated, and frustrating to use.  

For me, the ease of use with Elementor Pro far outweighs the slightly better marketing benefits you might get with the Thrive Suite.  

But I really like the Thrive teams’ YouTube tutorials when it comes to the structure and layout of your pages to help drive conversions.  

Basically, you can take the thought processes they use to build high-converting pages and recreate them with Elementor Pro much easier!

I would say that Oxygen is a blend of coding and block-style editing for maximum functionality and customizations.  But I think it lacks a user-friendly interface for the average online business owner and even for most web designers today.   

It looks and feels complicated and with so many options it can get quickly overwhelming.  

It seems to me like it’s meant for advanced website developers and agencies that want the functionality of a page builder while still being able to integrate all types of custom code easily.  

They may improve the interface and make it simpler and easier for the average user in the future.  

This is one I have my eye on because they do allow you to create a faster website than any other current page builder.  Website speed is one of the most important things to consider, but not for the sake of usability.  

I don’t think Oxygen is giving Elementor Pro a run for their money just yet, but we’ll see how they improve the platform down the road.  

With the simple speed optimizations I mentioned (WP Rocket or SG Optimizer), you can still get a super-fast website with Elementor Pro.

Here are some additional benefits that you may not have thought about:

  • A ton of reputable plugins, templates, and template blocks built to work with it.
  • A ton of tutorials on youtube showing you how to do everything you need. 
  • A ton of experienced web designers are easy to find if you need help with your site.
  • Works really well with WooCommerce when you want to sell digital or physical products. 
  • You can even expand your WooCommerce functionality to add in subscriptions and memberships. 
  • You can basically use Elementor Pro and WooCommerce together nicely for a high-functioning website and eCommerce store. 

My Final Thoughts

Choosing the right tools to build your website with is extremely important.  Once you commit to a tool it can be really hard to change later on.  

So make sure you that you think about where you want your business to be in the next 3-5 years!  

I firmly believe that Elementor Pro is a no-brainer choice for almost all online business owners.  

If you want to create a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel then you definitely need a website.  The Elementor Pro theme builder and template features makes blogging a breeze and help to boost your SEO.  

Elementor Pro integrates with all of the best Email Service Providers making collecting email addresses and leads a breeze.  (My favorite ESP is MailerLite!)  

You also need to be able to at least do basic edits and maintenance on your own website.   Elementor Pro makes it possible for you to do this but it also will grow with you as your business grows.  

Once you are ready to sell digital products, their integration with WooCommerce is simply amazing. 

In a nutshell, Elementor Pro will make your website better and your life easier!  It’s the #1 tool I can’t live without in my own business.

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