A Simple Strategy to Get More Traffic to Your Content (Blog, Podcast, or YouTube Channel)


Today we’re talking about how to get more traffic to your content and I’m going to share a really simple strategy to demystify the process of getting traffic to your content online so you know what it really takes to be successful. 

If you aren’t sure which type of content you should be creating in your business, a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube channel, then make sure that you check out my video where I really break down what is involved with all three so that you can make the best decision for you. 


But once you start creating content online, you really need to start driving traffic into that content because, in order for your content to be successful, you really need two things:

  1. You need people consuming that content and
  2. You need a way for your content to make money


When it comes to driving traffic into your content, there’s really three main ways to get traffic:

  1. Search engine optimization or SEO (so you can get found in search results when people are looking for answers online)
  2. Run paid advertising to your content 
  3. Get in front of other people’s audiences or do PR.


Now again, all three of these work no matter which type of content, a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube channel. 

But what I want to talk to you about today is this really simple strategy to really help you decide what you should be doing with all of this content. And this is something that I’ve learned as my business has grown and evolved, and I’ve helped other business owners get their businesses off the ground and really been able to see what works best. 

This really simple strategy is that, whether it’s a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube channel, you want to treat all these types of content as if they were a blog.

Blogging has been around the longest out of all of these types of content. It’s really well established. There’s a lot of courses and trainings and tutorials out there that really teach you how to start and create a successful blog. And the principles to blogging really apply to podcasting and to a YouTube channel. 

So I think taking a blogging course is one of the best things that you can do for your business. I don’t necessarily have one that I recommend. I think most of them teach a lot of the same basic principles, but understanding what it means to create that content and get it online and get it in front of people is really broken down extremely well in these blogging courses. 

And when you have a podcast or a YouTube channel, you are uploading your content onto someone else’s platform. So you’re either publishing your podcast on a Libsyn or a Buzzsprout.

Technically you could possibly publish your podcast on your own hosting platform, but most people don’t do that and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that unless you really know what you’re doing. And on a YouTube channel, you’re obviously uploading your videos to YouTube. 

So you’re kind of at the mercy of these other platforms. And one of the best things that you can do with your content in your business is to try to gain as much control over that content as possible. 

(This is why you also want to build an email list, but that’s a topic for another day!) 

The best way to get more traffic to your content and to have that ownership and control of your content is to treat your podcasts as if it were a blog, treat your YouTube channel as if it were a blog, which basically means you’re going to be blogging no matter what.

If you can grasp this concept and realize that you’re going to need to learn the ins and the outs of blogging, regardless of which format you ultimately choose, this can really amplify your results. 

With your podcast or a YouTube channel, there are really three ways that you can go about turning this content into a blog post:

  1. One of the easiest and simplest things that you can do is to create a really simple post for your content on your website. This can be as simple as taking the little recap or the description of your podcast episode or your YouTube video and publishing it as a post on your website and then embedding the video or the actual podcast. This gives you a place on your own website to send traffic to. So it becomes a central location for people to find all of your content on your website that you host and have control over.
  2. Another great way to really take this up a notch is to actually get a transcription of your podcast or your YouTube video and post that as a post on your website and again, embed the podcast or embed the video. This really gives your audience the option of whether they want to actually listen or watch, or do they want to read. You’re giving them the option and you’re getting that content again, on your website.
  3. And then the last way is to actually create an entirely separate blog post that’s related to the topic that you’re talking about in your podcast or your YouTube video, but embedding that video or podcast as a point of reference. For example, if you teach people how to sew and you do a video on how to get your sewing machine threaded so you can get started, you can create that blog post all about how to get started sewing and you can embed that video when you’re talking about the part about threading your machine.


This works really well because with podcasts or with YouTube videos, sometimes shorter little snippets of content like that do better where a blog post can be more thorough and longer, which does really well in search results.

This is a more comprehensive approach to your content. Your podcast or YouTube videos can either be their own standalone transcribed posts on your site or you can create master posts, those lengthier posts that cover a broader topic, and you can embed your episodes of shorter little snippets inside those posts.

I hope you found this helpful. I’m here to help you keep it as simple as I can so that you can build that successful online business.

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