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Private coaching, consulting, & mentoring for total transformation.

A year-long program to give you the support and guidance needed to completely transform your business and your life.

Get in alignment with yourself first.

Whether you are just getting started or you’ve been in business for a while now, you can not achieve real success until your business is set up for YOU to intentionally flourish. 

My clients come to me with a long list of things they think they “have to” do in order to have a successful business – things like creating a course, offering high ticket coaching, creating a podcast, posting on social media 10x per week, etc. 

You see others having great success with one strategy & you think you need to do the same… 

But then it doesn’t work for you and you think something is wrong with you.  But nothing is wrong with you! 

It’s simply time to stop following others and start following yourself. 

My decades of business & marketing experience allow me to guide my clients through the process of finding the right path for THEM instead of following a cookie-cutter plan or copying someone else.  You may have short-term success following others, but you won’t truly thrive until you create a business that is in alignment with you. 

Finding what’s right for you is a process.  It doesn’t happen overnight and it requires a lot of personal growth along the way.  You need to face your limiting beliefs, personal roadblocks, and create space to get to know yourself on a much deeper level than ever before. 

It’s counter-intuitive to what most business owners think – you don’t create success first, and then find your happiness…you first define your unique goals & desires and then create your success around them. 

The Business Success Framework:

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This is the #1 secret to creating an aligned business.  Your personal growth needs to be prioritized in order for your business to grow.  Through coaching tools like the Wheel of Life, journaling assignments, and mindset coaching we will work together to align you with your highest potential, goals, and values.  This will set you up to create the business that best supports you & your life.

Positioning is the key to helping your ideal clients understand why you are the best choice for them out of all their choices in the marketplace.  It starts with thoroughly understanding and defining exactly who is your ideal client.

Then you need to get clear on why they should work with you, sharing your story & expertise, and what the bigger picture mission and vision is in your business. 

I’ll walk you through my 7-Step Offer Formula to plan & structure an irresistible offer.  These 7 steps will help you to map out exactly how you will help your ideal clients in a win-win offer for you both.

An effective offer is so much more than just “private coaching for 6 weeks” and this 7-Step Formula maps out the exact steps you need to deliver a more desirable offer. This will allow you to effortlessly attract interested & ideal clients.

In order to effectively position your brand in the marketplace, you need to have a clear & confident message.  I’ll take you through my 10-Step Messaging Formula so you know exactly what to say and how to say it throughout all of your marketing materials.  You’ll also define your Unique Positioning Statement so you can stand out as the best & only choice for your ideal clients.

You don’t need a complicated or high-tech funnel to succeed in your business.  But you do need to create a simple path for people to take as they get to know you and your business.  

We will work together to setup your simple marketing funnel and to execute on it each and every month.  This will allow your business to grow and to create a consistent system for bringing on new clients.  Your funnel will be unique to you, your personality, and your lifestyle so that your marketing is an enjoyable and easy part of your business.

We will audit and assess the best way to setup your business so that it operates smoothly and effectively.    From your website to your email list to your client enrollments, we will work together to make sure your systems support you in showing up as the professional that you are.  

We will also use our quarterly VIP days to work together on any tech, website, or systems projects that need to be tackled so you can focus on the growth of your business instead.  No more tech headaches or nightmares standing in your way!

Stephanie Wrona Business Coaching Website (22)

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The next step is to book a free 30-minute consultation where we will get to know each other and decide if moving forward is a good fit for us both.

I work with serious, committed entrepreneurs who are ready to go through a deep & lasting transformation in their business and in their life.  If that’s you, then click the button below, complete a short questionnaire, and choose a time that works for you on my calendar.

(If you do not see a time that works for you, please email me at steph@stephaniewrona.com and we will coordinate a time that does.)

frequently asked questions

Yes!  Whether you need to build a brand new website or update your current website, we will work together during our sessions to make sure your website and all of your tech systems are streamlined & setup to make your business complete, professional, and profitable. 

We will reserve one of our bi-weekly sessions each quarter for a 3-4 hour “VIP” working session.  We will use this session to screenshare & work together on any big projects that are specific to your business.  This could be things like your website, your marketing funnel, learning how to use a tech system (like Canva or MailerLite) or your calendar/planning needs, etc.

Yes.  You have unlimited email access directly with me in-between our sessions (excluding holidays) with a 24-hour response time at the latest.  You will not work with any mediators between us such as a VA, assistant, or outside coach.

The total investment is $6000 USD.  This can be paid in full, or spilt into 4 payments every 90 days of $1600, or 12 monthly payments of $550.

We will use traditional coaching tools such as the Wheel of Life, the VIA values assessment, journaling, and in-depth questions.  We will spend the first few sessions getting really clear on your personal goals, values, and beliefs to ensure that your business decisions are in true alignment.  Coaching will continue organically as needed throughout our sessions as you work to grow your business.

I brought 16 years of traditional, client-based, corporate business leadership and coaching experience into my own business along with a prior career & education in Computer Science and Technology.  I have had my own successful business for almost 5 years.  While no results can really ever be guaranteed, my clients are typically able to achieve results such as: launching their businesses from scratch, signing their first clients, leaving their corporate jobs, increasing their monthly sales to high 4 & 5 figures, and growing their online audiences & email lists.  And they achieve these results while ensuring that they are in alignment with their unique purpose & values which is ultimately the most rewarding.

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