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The Profitable Coach Club

Learn how to create and sell an in-demand offer so you can start making real money in your business even if you’re just getting started!

here's why the PCC works

Inside the Profitable Coach Club, you will learn EXACTLY what it takes to get paying clients in your business each month AND get the coaching and support you need to keep going so you can have a viable business that allows you to start making the income and the impact you want to make.

You do not need to have your business fully launched to become profitable.  You don’t need an email list, website, or existing audience to start signing paying clients. 

You just need to learn how to create and sell an in-demand offer!

A lot of programs & courses tell you what to do, but not how to do it.  I teach you HOW to actually research & structure your coaching offer, what you need to say to sell it authentically, and the real-life actions you need to take to find people online to sell your offer to.

This program cuts out all the unnecessary fluff so you can start making real money…because your business can’t survive if you aren’t making money!


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You want to find the intersection between what you already know how to do and what people want right now.  You’ll assess your past client results, your current skills & knowledge, and your current market research.  You’ll learn how to assess what people are already buying, what they are directly asking you for, and if there are any gaps in the market that you can fill.   

You’ll also be able to test your offer in the marketplace before it’s fully built so you aren’t wasting weeks and months building something that no one signs up for.  Finding the best opportunity for you RIGHT NOW and turning that into the easiest offer you can create (your MVP), will set you up for success right away.

Learn my 7 Step Formula to plan & structure an offer.  These 7 steps will help you to map out exactly who you are meant to help, how you help them, and what positive results they’ll get from working with you.  

An effective offer is so much more than just “private coaching for 6 weeks” and this 7-Step Formula will walk you through the exact steps you need to deliver a more desirable offer. Creating a niched offer will allow you to easily attract interested & ideal clients who are ready to sign up right away.

Make client enrollments easy with simple conversations (phone calls or DM chats). You don’t need sales scripts, uncomfortable discovery calls, cold outreach, or other high-pressure sales tactics to sell your offers. Most clients don’t like these tactics and most coaches don’t like them either.

The good news is that you DO NOT have to use any uncomfortable methods to get clients. The easier your enrollment process is & the more authentic you are with your potential clients, the better.

Discover how to find your ideal clients online, define your clear & impactful messaging, and create a selling calendar to effectively promote your offer through your content. No complicated launches, no high-tech funnels, no marketing hacks, no wasted time & effort on busy work that leads nowhere.

You’ll learn how to create content that sells your offers to your ideal clients in an easy, authentic, and feel-good way. This is a skill that will continue to serve you at every level of your business.

One of the biggest keys to success is to never give up! You’ll evaluate your results so you know what to adjust & tweak until you have an offer that is generating real money in your business.

This isn’t rocket science – but it isn’t easy either! If you create an offer that doesn’t work, you’ll need to pick yourself up, go through the process, and try again.


Being a part of a tight-knit group community of like-minded peers with support & coaching directly from me will be immensely helpful to ensure you are able to keep going until you have a profitable & successful business!

This is not an extra-large group where you will feel alone and on your own.  This is a high-touch, small group where you will get the access and accountability you need to succeed. 

who is best suited to succeed in the PCC?

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here's how the PCC works...

here's why you should enroll

This process is what I have been using to successfully create & sell all of my offers with prices ranging between $250 to $5k.

I have also taught my clients how to apply this process and achieve amazing results like:

~ signing their first paid clients from the internet

~ leaving their jobs to become FT business owners

~ signing 4-figure clients without a sales script

~ and hitting 8k, 12k, & 15k for the first time ever

The investment to work together is a one-time payment of $500 USD.  This is an amazing opportunity to get the coaching & guidance you need to start making real money in your business! ✨  

You’ll have direct access to me on the weekly calls & in the FB community for the lifetime of the program.

If you are ready to learn what it really takes to build & grow a profitable and successful business, then you can enroll in the PCC and get started on the first lesson right away!

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