Should You Start a Blog, Podcast, or YouTube Channel in 2021?


Should you start a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube channel for your online business in 2021? 

Today, we’re going to break it down so that you know all the ins and outs of all three and can make the best decision for you in your business.  And one of the biggest decisions that you need to make in your business is which type of content to create. 

First, let me start off by saying that I am a big believer in creating content. Whether it’s a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube channel, your content will help you build a relationship with your audience. It will help you build that know, like, and trust that they need from you. 

Creating content is one of the best ways that I have found to build your business online. No matter which one of these types of content you choose to create, it’s a great way for you to continue in your own growth and development.

As you try to distill down your skills and knowledge into any of these types of content, you will really master the subjects that you’re talking about. 

So, which type is best? 

Well, there, isn’t a straightforward answer here because the truth is that all three of them work. 

They’re all currently working, and they all three work really well. There really isn’t one that works that much better than the other that you should only focus on that. It really comes down to what’s going to work for you. 

And all three of these types of content really need two things to ultimately be successful:

  1. They need people consuming the content and
  2. They need a way to make money.


The question about which type of content should you create really comes down to you. And we’re going to dive into that so that you can make the best decision for you. 

In order for that content to be successful and to work in your business, you need to get people consuming that content, and you need to have a way to make money. Those are really the two bigger questions to ask yourself.

There is a big learning curve involved with all three types of content. No matter which way you go, again, you’re going to need to spend some time learning what it takes just to create the content and to post the content online. 

There isn’t a set amount of time that it takes to learn each one. This really comes down to how much time you have available and your skills and knowledge and how much you’re willing to invest in your own learning in these areas. 

It can take weeks to get a blog up and running, or it can take months. Same thing with a podcast or a YouTube channel. And that’s okay. The timeframe doesn’t matter. It’s just learning the process of creating the content that you do need to get down first.

Now, the last thing to know is that all three of these are going to be highly competitive. They’re all going to require that you have a really well-thought-out strategy in place to get them going and make them successful. The days of just posting blogs online, having people find your content are gone. Same thing with a YouTube channel and with a podcast. 

These spaces are pretty crowded, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful. It just means that you need to be a little smarter and a little more strategic. Let’s break down each format so you know what is involved with just creating each type of content.

Starting with a blog…a blog is obviously writing.

So, if you like writing, a blog might be best for you, or it might not. 

One of the things that you might find surprising is that blogging, in my opinion, looks a lot like when you used to write essays in school. There’s a structure and a format that needs to be followed, and it needs to be logical, and you need to make sure the algorithm understands what you’re writing while also keeping it entertaining or informative for your audience. 

If you like writing, a blog might be best for you. But, if you really like more freestyle writing or creative writing or something like that, a blog may not be the best option for you. 

If writing papers in school was something that you were really good at and you really enjoyed, you’d probably really like blogging because of that structure and that logical approach that you need to take in order to write successful blogs.

And one of the great things about blogging is that you can write your articles anytime, anywhere. If you’re traveling, you can write a blog on your laptop really easily. 

Or, if you’re working a full-time job and you only have mornings, or weekends, or nights, or something like that to get your writing done, then you can squeeze in blogging pretty much anytime, anywhere. 

This alone might make it the best option for you. 

In order to create a great podcast, you want to have the right space in your home, someplace that’s really quiet with good acoustics. 

This can be as simple as a carpeted room with some curtain panels up and some pillows and things like that to absorb the sound. Or you may even want to record inside of a closet. 

But either way, you want to make sure that you have a really good sound quality for your podcast. A great microphone will really help you get that best quality as well. And then, you will probably want to do at least some light editing of your podcast before you actually publish it online. 

Once you’ve created and edited your podcasts, then you’ll need to upload them onto a podcast hosting platform. Something like Buzzsprout or Libsyn are really popular options. And you’ll need to learn the process of what it takes to get that podcast uploaded onto your hosting platform.

And lastly, for a YouTube channel, you’ll again, really want a quiet space with good acoustics, but you’ll also need really good lighting for your YouTube videos. 

A good microphone is really essential here too because you want to make sure that, not only does your video look good, but it also sounds good. 

YouTube, I think, is one of the more difficult platforms to get started on. And it really depends whether or not you like being on camera. Even if you don’t mind being on camera, it’s still going to require some practice until you’re really comfortable on camera and you can create a really great video for people to watch. 

You’ll, again, need to learn how to edit your videos and some editing software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. And then, you’ll need to learn the process of actually uploading your video onto the YouTube platform.

The great news with all three of these is that they are very learnable processes. 

You can learn them. Again, it’s going to come down to how much time you have to invest in learning these processes and your own skills and abilities with creating these types of content and learning the tech. 

There also may be some trial and error involved here. So, you might start a blog and realize that you hate blogging, and that’s okay. You can move on and try podcasting or try a YouTube channel next. 

At some point, as your business grows and evolves, you’ll most likely want to have all three types of content. But, when you’re first getting started, it really is important to find the format that fits you best so that you can start creating that regular content.

If you need to do a little trial and error just to find what works for you, it might be a long process, but that’s okay. Because, like I said, creating content is one of the best personal development and growth tools that you can do for yourself anyway. So, it’s a great investment yourself just to find the one that works for you so that you can keep going.

Once you figured out the process of actually creating the content and posting it online, and you’ve really got to focus on those other two questions. 

“How do I get people to my content,” and “How do I make money from this?” 

Now, the interesting thing about all three is they all three work the same when it comes to these questions. Each one of them actually grows and makes money in the same ways. 

Getting people to your content or driving traffic into your content really comes down to three main strategies:

  1. You can use SEO so that your content gets found by people when they’re searching online. 
  2. You can use paid advertising to get people to your content. 
  3. Or you can use PR or other people’s audiences to get your content in front of more people. 



All three of these work really well. How do these types of content make money? There are really five main ways to make money, no matter which type of content you’re creating: 

  1. The first one is through ad revenue where you simply let advertisers put their ads in your content. 
  2. The second way is through affiliate marketing, where you offer affiliate links for products and services that you want to recommend to your audience. 
  3. The third way is to offer your own services to your audience. 
  4. The fourth way is to create your own digital or physical products. 
  5. And the fifth way is to get sponsored. 



And this is the same, again, no matter which type of content. They make money in the same way, driving traffic into your content is the same way. It really does boil down to which type of content best suits you. 

And, if it takes a little trial and error to figure it out, that’s okay too. That’s a perfectly normal part of the process!

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