turn your Knowledge, skills, and Passion into a Successful online business.

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My Mission

I believe that sharing your knowledge, skills, and passions with others through an online business is one of the best ways to build a life with time and financial freedom.  This has been my experience and I want to help other online entrepreneurs achieve the same. 

Starting an online business can be confusing and you can easily find yourself following some bad advice or going down the wrong path.  I strive to be a voice of clarity and reason with over two decades of real-world business and tech experience.  

My goal is to eliminate as many roadblocks as possible for aspiring online entrepreneurs so you can have the confidence and clarity needed to go after your dream.

My Story

Before starting my business, I spent 18 years in the corporate tech and retail business industries.  I felt stuck and reached complete burnout.  I tried everything possible to “make it work”  before I was forced to realize that traditional employment was not the right fit for me and my family.   

For too long I believed that entrepreneurship was not possible for me – it either cost too much, took too much time, or I didn’t have what it takes.   After years of dreaming about entrepreneurship, I finally launched my coaching business when my corporate position was eliminated.  

I wasn’t fully prepared, but I knew I couldn’t go looking for another job!  It was the shove I needed to take the leap. I now have a balance in my life that was missing for all those years – and I get to do amazing work that directly impacts people’s lives.

When I began coaching clients, I saw a glaringly obvious need for higher-level tech systems and website support before we could even dive into any business growth strategies.

One of the most common roadblocks I heard from my clients was “I’m not very techie”!  

It was clear to me that if I wanted to help people become successful in their businesses, then I first needed to help them get a handle on their websites and tech systems first.  

My goal is to eliminate these roadblocks so you can focus on growing your actual business.  Once the tech and systems are squared away, then you can really get focused on what matters – your clients.

I have now been able to help thousands of entrepreneurs successfully launch and grow their businesses through my coaching, YouTube channel, and blog.

How i can help you

You’ll find all the tips and tutorials needed to build your business over on my YouTube channel.  There are also playlists of course-like material so you can learn in an organized & clear way. 

I provide some great downloadable tools and resources, including entire website kits!  

My blog and resources pages are more free ways to learn about everything you need to build and grow your business and brand. 

If you want to work with me directly, I currently provide website installation services and limited private mentorship packages.