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your business success starts with you

Your business does not need to be stressful, overwhelming, or difficult.  You don’t have to post on social media if you don’t want to, you don’t have to work traditional business hours, and you don’t have to offer services you don’t really like just to make money.  You can create a business that works with your personality, lifestyle, and goals when you start trusting in yourself.

There is not a “one-size-fits-all” business roadmap either.  The only way to really be successful is to create a business that is aligned with your unique skills, knowledge, and desires – and no one else has the exact blueprint that will work for you.

I work with my clients to get rid of all the “shoulds” they think they have to do & to remove personal roadblocks so they can create the right business for them.  Once you create business systems, strategies, and offers that are in alignment with you, your business (and your life) will flourish.


Here’s How I Can Help You:


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Work with me in my private 1:1 coaching/consulting/mentoring package.  Book a free consultation to see if we are a good fit.


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hi i’m stephanie, it’s nice to meet you

I spent over 15 years in my previous career training, coaching, and leading high-end retail business owners and million-dollar personal stylists.  I have had my own successful coaching & consulting business for almost 5 years now as well.  

I rely on my leadership & coaching experience, knowledge of client-based businesses, and digital marketing skills to help my clients cut out all the fluff and get real results – like signing consistent 4-figure clients, leaving their corporate jobs, launching life-changing programs, and more.

I believe that the only way to create a thriving business is to follow your own path.  I help guide my clients to discover their unique roadmap to success.

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